Parts for Flexible Endoscope

Olympus BW-20T cleaning brush

Olympus BW-20T cleaning brush, original new from Japan.• Reusable cleaning brush• Coil sheath with ball tip• Channel Cleaning Brush• Autoclavable• Working Length: 2200mm• Minimum working channel: 2 -

  • Brand: Olympus
  • Model: BW-20T
  • Series: cleaning brush
  • Conditon: Brand new
  • Price: $1

Olympus BW-20T cleaning brush, original new from Japan.

• Reusable cleaning brush

• Coil sheath with ball tip

• Channel Cleaning Brush

• Autoclavable

• Working Length: 2200mm

• Minimum working channel: 2 - 4.2mm

• Compatible Products

- EVIS CF, EUS, GIF, JF, SIF, TJF Endoscopes


OLYMPUS CF 140L/I, CF 140S, CF 1T140L/I, CF Q160AL/I, CF Q160L/I, CF Q160S, GIF 140, GIF 160, GIF 1T140, GIF P140, GIF Q140, GIF Q160, GIF XP160, GIF XQ140, PCF 140L/I, PCF 160AL/I